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Song NameComposer(s)Arranger(s)Performer(s)LoopSizeLengthLoop StartLoop EndSample RateDownloadsPlay
A Coward Without GutsHIKOYes2.62 MB 00:540240141244100 Hz21
First DateHIKOYes3.96 MB 01:22243712363404744100 Hz23
I Want To Know MoreHIKOYes3.11 MB 01:0428672285162044100 Hz13
Ohayo!HIKOYes3 MB 01:0286016275328144100 Hz23
Secret Discovery! Mysterious LandHIKOYes2.98 MB 01:01774144273168144100 Hz3
Select Your MachineHIKOYes3.24 MB 01:070297723244100 Hz3
Still I Love You ~Piano Version~HIKOYes6.34 MB 02:1128672581449444100 Hz17
Unused Song 1No1.63 MB 01:020149796624000 Hz23
Unused Song 2No1.33 MB 00:510122474224000 Hz13
Voice of HeartHIKOYes3.61 MB 01:1571680331344844100 Hz18
Your ProfileHIKOYes4.82 MB 01:40372736442310144100 Hz21

Total Downloads: 178
Total Songs: 11